Well, That Didn’t Take Long!

Coinbase Announces NFT Marketplace

Not to be outdone by their FTX counterparts, Coinbase Today announced that they too will be adding an NFT Marketplace in the near future.

There was so much interest in just the first day that the website broke and the signup wheel would simply spin for hours.  The signup/waitlist now has well over 1 Million people on the list and the site is working intermittently.

The current NFT Market is Red Hot for those that are in the know and more and more people are learning about NFTs every single day.  With the announcement only a few days ago from FTX.US, this announcement seems like Coinbase is riding on the coattails of FTX but a the same time, a launch this big was likely in the works for months now, just quietly behind closed doors.

Yes, the Servers did get hammered and the signups are still rolling in.  You can head on over to Coinbase.com/nft/announce to join the waitlist or you can use our Ref Link to help us get to the door a little faster so we can report back with what we see when we’re inside.

Join The Waitlist

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