SAND: 227% Up – 41% Down – Maybe 112% Up?

SANDS Big Rally May Just Be The Start

SAND is not going to wait for you to wake up properly, get a cup of coffee and look over the charts leisurely.  No, no, no.  SAND is on Mission and it’s leaving with or without you.

We have been covering SAND for a while now so everyone should be caught up on the Facebook – META – sympathy plays.  Both Thursday and Friday SAND pushed 23% each day with very little attempt to the downside.  On Saturday, SAND went up a peak of 103% but lost half by the time it came to close the day out. That started the pullback, ass Sunday went on to tack another 13% drop from open to close.  But here we are on Monday and SAND is already up almost 40% and our target resistance area is being hit at the moment.  

SANDs’ ATH is $2.45 and we have some more potential resistance in that area but we have another level at $3.06 and that level comes from another ABCD from the lower timeframe Price Action.  We would be looking at somewhere around two days to reach those levels.  But, seeing the Price Action recently, one feels like that could happen in 2-Minutes.

SAND is Not the only game in Town

MANA also has some very similar Price Action as SAND but an even higher initial move.  Topping out last week’s Peak Gain when it posted a 564% gain.  The drop was nearly 50% from its peak we are starting to see some potential for further upside in motion.

With an ABCD Pattern, we can see MANA push a 164% move – which would land MANA near $6.76 apiece.  Not bad for a coin trading at $0.75 just a few days ago!

Goodbye October - Hello November

The October Monthly Candle Closed last night and we are left with a few things that are highly worth mentioning.  

For starters – a Brand New ATH at $66,999

Total Gain = $17,519

Total % Gain = 39.98%

What's Hot in the AltCoin World?

Outside of SAND and MANA we do still like ANKR and STORJ.  We wrote about these the other day and they are still very much on our radar.

ANKR: Ankr originates as a solution that utilizes shared resources in order to provide easy and affordable blockchain node hosting solutions. 

ANKR came back to test the low 0.13s again and has initially found resistance at our zone.  We are looking for either consolidation under this area and then an explosive breakout or a slow and steady rise to retest the upper trendline.  Lots of potential on this one.

STORJ: Storj, pronounced as “storage,” is an open-source cloud storage platform. Basically, it uses a decentralized network of nodes to host user data. The platform also secures hosted data using advanced encryption.

Where ANKR is struggling is where STORJ is prevailing.  STORJ has maintained its local Support by successfully flipping it so far.  We need this Daily to close for full confirmation but these coins move too fast for that.  When something moves this quick, lower the timeframes for entries and local confirmations.  We really want to see the upper trend get smashed and then retested for confirmation of channel break.

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