Weekend Blues…

Dear Friends, After Wednesday’s sharp rally, Bitcoin is cooling down in a small range. Apart from Bitcoin most other majors are also trending sideways except

Bye Bye China

BREAKING NEWS The White House and Crypto The Exodus of China The thought process here is to sign or not sign an executive order that

Somebody is FIS ing

Somebody is FISING around with counter trend accumulation for FIS. While the price action is mostly bearish since March 2021, the volume patterns suggests someone

All Eyes on Bitcoin at 9:30 EST

Last night the SEC approved the closest thing we have ever had to a Bitcoin ETF.  Let’s be clear, it is NOT a Bitcoin ETF

1.5T Asset Manager lists 2 Crypto ETFs

1.5 Trillion Asset Manager lists two Crypto ETFs An American independent investment management company, INVESCO which is managing an estimated 1.5 Trillion Dollars in Assets

Morning Star – WTF is that?

What Does Morning Star Mean? A morning star is a visual pattern consisting of three candlesticks that is interpreted as a bullish sign by technical analysts. A

FANTOM move underway?

The price of FTM – the token behind the popular Fantom Network – has soared by as much as 30% today. This happened following the

Holy Shib!!!

Holy SHIB! We spoke about SHIB the other day and it has just kept on going. SHIB is currently over 300% in less than 4


OMG recently suffered an 80% drop after making new local highs. That recent high was finally challenged the other day. Now we can finally start

AXS on Interplanetery Mission

Bitcoin $4341 in a Single Day Bitcoin took no prisoners for its first day of trading in October and posted a gain of over $4300.

SOL NFT Sells for 20K

SOL NFTs have been quietly taking the SOL Art Scene by storm. Partly because of the size of the SOL Community and partly because of