Do You Know Your Astrology?

Let’s Talk About Mercury Retrograde Occasionally on the weekends we can branch away slightly from the traditional S/R Technical Analysis and broaden our minds as

Where’s the Support?

Don’t Be Afraid To Look Around Here’s a funny thing about Trading that not a lot of people talk about.   RESPECT And what do I

Gap Fills and Pullbacks

CME Futures GAP Fills Once a week we cover the CME Futures Gap Chart just to see where we’re at.  The logic behind gaps is


Coin Spotlight PARIBUS What is Paribus?   Paribus is actually a lot of things or at least it aims to be a lot of things.  Paribus

WE DID IT! Now What?

BTC trades at new ATH After 6 Months of trading, Bitcoin not only approached its previous ATH at $64,899 but surpassed it to a brand

Editor’s Picks – OCT / NOV ALTs

Bitcoin managed to post an ALL TIME HIGH Today. We continue to remain bullish with some caution for a short term pullback. Any dips towards

ETF Day 02 – BTC ATH?

Day 02 of the BITO BTC ETF Today marks the very first Pre-Market trading for the BITO BTC ETF.  The pictures below show the M15

New ATH? Not Yet…

It doesn’t get much CLOSER Yesterdays High for Bitcoin on Coinbase came within $399 from the previous ATH st on April 14th, earlier this year. 

The Bulls Are FIRED UP

Will the 8-Year ETF Deliver as Promised? The Brothers over at Gemini started things off back in 2013 when they filed for the first Bitcoin

Binance to America = DEAD

The Doors Have Officially Closed Binance, the world’s largest Crypto exchange, has officially sealed the deal at 11:59:59 October 18th – UTC 00:00.  This means

Bloody Monday? We Shall See

You Could Hear a Pin Drop The Market is eerily quiet at the moment and that is likely due to the fact that the very

Weekly Recap – 10-17-21

Price Action T-15 Winners DOT: 22.19% BNB: 14.98% BTC: 11.95% ETH: 11.72% T-15 Losers LUNA: -7.84% XRP: -4.61% ADA: -2.76% AVAX: -2.11% The action was

The Weekend Struggles

Sideways Bitcoin Bitcoin has been struggling this weekend to surpass its High from Friday set at $62,910.  The closest we have come to Friday’s high

The Stifling of Crypto Innovation

Am I Insane? I ask myself this question all the time.  Why?  Have you ever been in a situation where something was so clearly obvious,


The Bitcoin ETF Is Here Although absolutely NOTHING with Bitcoin has changed in the last 8 years, it still took the SEC 8 years to