traders lose

of their capital in first 300 days of trading


reasons for failure


Most New Traders start investing / trading without any formal education & do not follow basic principals of investing & trading


The Winning Traders educate themselves & learn to use Trading Tools & gain an edge over the others who lack both education & tools


The winners find other winners as their Mentors who’ve years of experience in navigating tricky & complex market conditions

In nutshell, winning traders spend time to educate themselves & learn the basic principals of investing & trading before deploying serious capital. They develop & source the best trading tools to gain an edge in the markets. They manage to find best mentors to guide them during tricky market conditions

Lack of education, trading tools & mentorship is number 1 reason why MOST people lose

100% of a Retail Customer's Investment is lost in 12 Months

The SEC studied the habits of retail FX traders and discovered, “approximately 70% of customers lose money every quarter and on average 100% of a retail customer’s investment is lost in less than 12 months.”

97% Lost Money

A study of Brazilian futures traders found 97% of individuals who traded in the market for more than 300 days lost money on their trades.

80% Lost Money

Another study of eToro day-traders found nearly 80% of them lost money over a 12-month period


Get Rich Quick
All Traders Start with the Dream To Get Rich Quick, nothing wrong if you have a plan


80% of all day traders quit trading within the first 2 years
Either they lose all their capital or lose motivation to trade altogether


Nearly 40% of New Trades survive only for a month
Within 3 years only 13% continue to trade & most of them still lose on a net of fees basis


1% of All Traders can profit net of fees
Over a period of 5 years only 1% of all traders can profit net of fees


Majority of Traders started investing without formal trading knowledge
Most people who lost had one thing in common, they relied on others for their investing decision.