In a16z we Trust?

Major VC Heads to Washington

Do you remember the Top 2 guys that were recently plucked from Facebooks Crypto Team Diem?  They were scooped up by no other than a16z, a major investor in Crypto and decentralized technologies.  

The actual firm goes by the name of Andreessen Horowitz and has been labeled one of the bigger Crypto VC’s out there.  They have a triple fund for Crypto and what they call web3 that totals over $3.1 Billion.  So they are no small fry when it comes to the space.  And now they are headed to Washington.

Web3 and Regulation

So the team is headed to Washington to shed their ideas on how web3 should be regulated, overseen and how future challenges can be resolved.

This is a bit of a touchy subject here.  We clearly do not want to leave anything in the hands of lawmakers who have proven for decades that they don’t know anything about technology, let alone something as recent as Crypto but on the other hand, is a16z, a VC with Billions of dollars really who we want at Washington to lay out the groundwork?

I guess that question can’t be answered until Andreessen Horowitz discloses who they are actually sending to do the smooth-talking to the White House and Congress.

Regardless of the outcome – Crypto will be fresh on the mind over in Washington once again.

You can read more about this topic here.

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