Editor’s Picks – OCT / NOV ALTs

Bitcoin managed to post an ALL TIME HIGH Today. We continue to remain bullish with some caution for a short term pullback. Any dips towards 57000-58000 area will be lapped up quickly. In terms of Bitcoin dominance, its just getting started, we may have some more legs but not before a small dip first which means some ALT Coins may fly while Bitcoin takes a break. We have compiled a List of ALTs that may do well in short / mid term. 



REEF / USDT - Potential Trajectory
ARPA / USDT - Potential Trajectory



FTM / USDT - Potential Trajectory
STPT / USDT - Potential Trajectory



ANKR / USDT - Potential Trajectory
1INCH / USDT - Potential Trajectory



KEY / USDT - Potential Trajectory
UMA / USDT - Potential Trajectory



CKB / USDT - Potential Trajectory
LPT / USDT - Potential Trajectory

As always nothing is certain, but these are some of the second tier ALTs showing short term momentum. Most are good candidates for 2-8 Weeks Swing Trade. Most look good to BUY on the dips to intermediate Support Levels. Most have potential for 30% intermediate move with some showing potential of even 100-300% and more. 

You can find such coins yourself as a Member of Swing Traders Club. You get an access to an exclusive Robo Helper Software that detects seismic activities across thousands of coins and identifies the best potential movers. You also get access to the exclusive community club where you can share your ideas and get help from others.

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