DUSK has hit its mark

Only two weeks ago DUSK was $0.61

October 16th we had a spotlight on DUSK.  You can read about it HERE.  Yesterday, in one candle, DUSK hit its conservative target as well as its extreme target.  

The Pullback we saw was to $0.4155 – well within the $0.42 – $0.46 Support Zone.  From there, DUSK moved a peak of 182% in 10 days.  This is not significant because of the chart or the analysis – it is significant because of the overall Market.

The Market has been down overall.  A few assets here and there making a move but by and large, the Market has been exhausted and is frustrating traders all over.  Bitcoin has been one disappointment after another for the last few months and the hype around new ATHs has essentially died completely.  For those who have been trading this market for years, this is not new and we are well used to it but for new traders it can be very frustrating to see nothing but red – day after day after day.  

THIS is why the DUSK trade is significant.  It proves that even though the entire market is down, even though every time Bitcoin has another failed rally, even though Ethereum dumps 17% in a month – it proves that there can still be outliers out there that can put in 180%+ moves in a market that is otherwise very ugly.

DUSK extended Take Profits

If DUSK is to continue its move and continue making new ATHs then we have two more potential Price Discovery Profit Taking zones to be aware of.  

First – before anything – DUSK would need to flip $1.00 – $1.07 as Support.  We can easily see a move down to $0.72 if DUSK looks to settle down for a bit.

$1.45 is the first potential area for profit taking, followed by $1.68 as the second area.  These are still hugely impressive moves given the health of the overall market and even more impressive if we first see a dip back into the $0.70s before heading up for another rally.

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