Dont give up even If you have lost more than 80%

This is a story from December 2018.Markets dumped heavily. After posting an All Time High of $20000 in December 2017, Bitcoin plummeted to $3100 & Ethereum dumped to $81. There was mayhem across the board with other small Cryptocurrencies losing almost 99% of their values. Scores of people lost their life savings and lost almost everything in the markets. People were in panic mode and had no clue where to go and whom to ask for help.

At Trading Room, We opened a helpline to counsel people on what are their options. A lot of people wrote to us and the common theme was, almost everyone lost 80-90% of their capital. We scanned the markets and realized even if market recovers and rebounce to just 23.6 – 38.2 Fib levels, a lot of people can recover almost entire losses. Yes even if they lost 80-90% of the capital, there was a high probability if they churn their portfolios and move their balance capital to stronger coins that have dumped more than 90-95%, they had a real chance to recover entire losses.

Instead of rewriting that article i am just reproducing an article that we wrote on Medium. Its more than 3 years now since we wrote that but the context of that article is still relevant. Please check the article here 

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