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Let's Talk About Mercury Retrograde

Occasionally on the weekends we can branch away slightly from the traditional S/R Technical Analysis and broaden our minds as we kick back, sip on some whiskey, smoke a cigar, and look to the stars.  Even I step away from the charts once in a Blue Moon.


A long time ago I put together some research on a cosmic phenomenon called Mercury Retrograde.  To sum up a very long story, it’s essentially when Mercury flies by us so fast that, for a time, it appears to be moving backward.  The great astrological minds of past and present tell us that this simply cannot be the case.  It only appears to move backward and thus a phenomenon was born.

Take The Inside Lane Cole

For the non-astrology nerds out there and those who don’t remember the 4th grade in Elementary school, Mercury is in the fast lane around the Sun, landing in position number one while Earth is the third from the Sun.  This gives Mercury the ability to land a full revolution long before Earth and that nets us somewhere between three or four Retrogrades a year.

For whatever reason, the Retrograde period can play a role in everyday life.  Things may just seem a bit off or communications and technology may be at their worst.  All kinds of things have been studied and in one way or another loosely linked to a Retrograde period.  Naturally, I wanted to explore this idea with the Price Action of Bitcoin. – So I did.

The Analysis

I started with just the Retrograde Periods.  At first, it appeared that there was almost no rhyme or reason to the price action.  As if it was nothing but chaos in an already chaotic environment.  But then came the next phase… Moon Phases.

Now there are some unique observations we can take away from the analysis when given the input of a New Moon and a Full moon in regards to the Retrograde Period.

The results could then be filtered down into categories.  Those periods with a Full Moon, those without a Full Moon, those with a New Moon, those without a New moon, those with both a Full Moon and a New Moon and those with nothing at all.  

Up until this Summer, the May 29 – June 22nd period, every time we only had a New Moon present in Retrograde, the Price would go up.  

When there is ONLY a Full Moon present in Retrograde – the price always goes down.  That is some very interesting information.  Now don’t go and bet the farm on this analysis as there are so few periods and data points that one cannot make a concrete decision but it’s food for thought and it’s a great way to open your mind as a Trader and an analyst to look slightly out of the box once in a while.

I’ll leave the link down below if you want the full analysis.

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