CHR UP 100% from 10-31 Entry – More to Go!

Some Alts Fully Decoupled from Bitcoin

Back on Halloween we wrote a Blog Post about the Shitcoin Index and we highlighted a few great prospects.  You can re-read that Blog HERE.  We talked about WAXP, CHR, HNT and WIN.  WIN is the only one that has not made a very impressive move.

However, we are not here to talk about the past, we are here to talk about the Future and even with 100% move in the bag, do we see anything left for CHR?

CHR Crushing It

It took about 234 Days, an 85% Dump and a 673% upward move for CHR to break it’s previous ATH at $0.7666 and paint a new one at $0.8476.  Since then, CHR has managed two more new ATHs with the current ATH sitting at $1.0333 – just about our first target area for potential Price Discovery resistance.

So now what?

We look to the next level at $1.1731 and then beyond that to $1.8290.

A lot of the market is quiet at the moment – we need to see some of these coins make an actual move in order to see any kind of direction.

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