BTC/ETH Faceoff

The Two Biggest Dogs in Crypto are going head to head for your money

Number 1 Versus Number 2 is always a hot topic.  BTC or ETH.  One, the King of Crypto and the other the King of AltCoins.  I think it’s important after strong moves to see the reaction of each.  


Above we are looking at the 3-Month view – side by side in One Hour candles.  On the left we see BTC and on the right we see ETH.  Let’s take a look at some of the key comparisons.


BTC = 74% in 50 Days

ETH = 84% in 50 Days



BTC = -39% in 24 Days

ETH = -27% in 24 Days



BTC = 886

ETH  = 618



BTC = Approach 382

ETH = Above 618

ETH/BTC - Weekly

Above is the ETH/BTC Weekly Chart.  Here we can see when ETH is outpacing Bitcoin.  What is to note here is the steady run up from April to May and the new recent breakout from sideways consolidation.  If the break from this area turns into another run for ETH then we could be seeing moves back near 0.1260.  

ETH has also been known to lead the Alts in a charge.  In the past, these were Major Alts followed by MidCaps and then finally Shitcoins.

Regardless, this will be an interesting and developing story to follow as the weeks continue and the year shifts to 2022.

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