An Actual Bitcoin ETF – Not So Fast!

SEC Approves Volt Equity ETF

For those who have been waiting year after year for the SEC to finally approve a Bitcoin ETF – well – you’re still going to have to wait a little while longer.


The SEC did just approve Volt Equity’s ETF, which is likely the closest thing we will have to an actual Bitcoin ETF.  This ETF will concentrate on Bitcoin related companies and companies that hold a majority of their assets in Bitcoin.




These companies have all been named but there will be more added to the list over the next few days.  The idea is that the ETF will help to give investors exposure to Bitcoin in a more roundabout way as the SEC continues to drag its feet on an actual Bitcoin ETF.

Volt calls these companies “Bitcoin Revolution Companies” and these companies will make up 80% of the ETF with the other 20% likely going to less risky equity markets in an effort to bring the overall risk down.

Volt is looking to get listed on the NYSE in the next three weeks and start trading under the ticker BTCR.

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